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Our company is an expert in the field of web and application development. We have been creating complex and high-loaded applications and software for more than 7 years. Each and every application we create works fast and stable, as we know best how to design and implement them. We always apply innovative techniques and technologies to make sure the final product is the best on the market. You can definitely rely on our professional team of developers to create a masterpiece for your business.

We also offer complex service packages for SEO and web marketing. Thus, not only do we create a great project for you, but also ensure your clients can easily find your website.

Therefore, if you care about your business and want it to go like clockwork then we have a lot in common.

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front-end developer

We've been missing a front-end developer. You'll recognize him, as you see him: it's a technologically sophisticated guy with aesthetic sense. HTML/CSS3 is his mother tongue, he's a dab hand at using Ajax and finds it amusing to code in Javascript/JQuery wearing a blindfold. If you happen to be him, or have some similarities to him, plus you are ambitious, fast-learning and flexible, please get in touch via . We would like to read a couple of words about you and see examples of your work as well. A test task is a must, but we are sure you will do just fine. If you understand server interaction and, moreover, know server technologies, we will be willing to adopt you.

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back-end developer

Back-end developer is desperately wanted at PlasticJam! We've been hearing stories about this savvy guy coding Python for High-Load web sites like crazy! Is that you? Is it true you know SQL/NoSQL databases from A to Z? Are you willing to make use of your knowledge of web frameworks like Django and Twisted? Then join the ranks of enthusiastic PlasticJam geeks by sending CV and examples of your work to . Be ready to cope with a test task and show all your awesomeness!

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